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Acrylic Double Bong thumbnail

Acrylic Double Bong

Sometimes a bong comes into your life and you just fall in love. This is that bong. It’s 20.5 inches (52 cm) tall, a two-tier monster with two bubble chambers, 2 drawtubes and a mega colour scheme that will always look awesome. May you live happily ever a
Big bubble acrylic Bong thumbnail

Big Bubble Acrylic Bong

You can’t go wrong with a nice simple bong. This puppy won’t break the bank, won’t break your back and won’t fail to deliver all the bongy goodness you could ever hope for, and it’s super simple. Everyone wins!
Compact Acrylic Bong thumbnail

Compact Acrylic Bong

With its rimmed mouthpiece, flat base, metal bowl and choke, and colorful tint, this bong looks very sheik and clean. Standing at 18 cm (~7 in), this bong has a bubble chamber to add another dimension to your choice of smoke.
Curved Double Acrylic Bong thumbnail

Curved Double Acrylic Bong

Whether you’re in love, have a best buddy or a sibling you do everything with, this bong with two pipes is the perfect choice. It’s extremely well made and allows you the chance to share something you love…
Hand-Grip Acrylic Bong thumbnail

Hand-Grip Acrylic Bong

This is a real classic. It’s the perfect size, the perfect weight, has a perfect hand-grip and is loved by bong fans around the world. So if you haven’t got one or you’ve never even tried one, then you owe it to yourself to get one.
Oval Bowl Acrylic Bong With Ice Twist 30 cm thumbnail

Oval Bowl Acrylic Bong With Ice Twist 30 cm

These bongs have the capability of holding ice in their mouthpieces to provide extra cooling on top of the bubble chamber. These bongs come in several different colors and stand 30 cm (~12 in) tall and come equipped with a stand and a leaf decal. These
Oval double bubble acrylic bong thumbnail

Oval Double Bubble Acrylic Bong

This classic acrylic bong with double oval bubble bong sections and a good length of pipe will never let you down. It is very light, yet tough and reliable. Plus its colour scheme has a sunset feel to it so you may feel like you’re on holiday or at the be
Red & Black Diffusion Bong thumbnail

Red & Black Diffusion Bong

The design of this diffusion bong filters & cools smoke, delivering a silky smooth hit unlike those from a plain pipe. Use it with some of your favourite herbs!
Round Double Bubble Acrylic Bong thumbnail

Round Double Bubble Acrylic Bong

These bongs are very simple and are designed with a unique style. They stand at 26.1 cm (~10 in) and are designed with a double bubble chamber. The come equipped with a sturdy base, a metal bowl, and a toke hole for easy chamber clearing.
Small Acrylic Bong thumbnail

Small Acrylic Bong

Great things come in small packages and this guy is no exception. Like a happy terrier your new small acrylic buddy will cheer you up, appear all excited even after a long walk and (with a bit of training) it won’t pee on your carpet.
Twisted Acrylic Bong thumbnail

Twisted Acrylic Bong

This acrylic bong stands at 33.5 cm (~13 in) tall and is designed with a twisted mouthpiece. This bong also comes stock with a metal bowl and hit hole, rimmed mouthpiece, wide flat base for stability, and a colorful tint.
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